I never thought:

• That a person's life was so boring that they had to post pictures of their meal. How sad.

• That I would need a ladder to view the sunset from U.S. 41 by Bayshore Park.

• That Murdock Village would still be a wasteland.

• That we would have two water parks within a couple miles of each other. Great planning.

• That a game would command so much time and money (Pickleball).

• That we may have two county commissioners with their sights set on Tallahassee or Washington?

• That I would see the day the developers would dictate to the county commissioners, excuse my naivete.

• That I would have 24/7 access to the Vietnam Wall. I thank everyone involved with my heart and tears.

• That the Lost Lagoon is still lost.

• That I would live this long. Should have taken better care of myself. Oh well.

• That Harpoon Harry's might be sent packing. Not good at all.

• That Mosaic has a chance to once again destroy the Peace River.

• That I would feel like such a slacker compared to Dr. David Klein. Thanks again for all you do.

• That I would be able to plant corn in my front yard and maybe some eggplant. Thanks Gov.

• That the county commissioners might let Sunseeker start building before they complete the wall along the water.

• That I would hear the mother of all oxymorons "honest politician."

• That I would see the day that the Republican party would represent the working class.

Harry Thomas

Punta Gorda


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