Cal Thomas’ piece in Viewpoint didn’t deserve the attention you have given it.

Despite an overwhelming majority of scientists warning us about climate change and corresponding deep concern by the public, Mr. Thomas can’t resist spin by referring to them as “…the climate change cult…” and “…tree huggers…” as he advocates for Dr. Roy Spencer’s repeatedly challenged work and comments made writing for the Global Warming Policy Forum, a group dedicated not to the advancement of knowledge but, instead, to resisting all policy designed to mitigate climate change regardless of current science.

Dr. Spencer’s arguments are widely discredited outside climate change denier circles on the basis of faulty data collection, twisting the denier theories to fit data despite those theories not working on the larger scale, and ignoring other looming disasters such as ocean acidification. He also appears to allow his religious beliefs drive his ‘science’ and has become a darling of evangelicals who seem to think Jesus was an Ayn Rand capitalist and His prophesized return cannot be undone by humans wrecking our planet so, therefore, it must not be possible for humans to wreck our planet.

It’s time to stop giving climate change deniers serious forums to make their claims just as we’ve done with flat-earthers. It’s also time to step up to the challenge of climate change and become the world’s leaders in this technology that promises our nation great financial rewards while saving our planet for our descendants.

Benton Hester

Port Charlotte


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