Our society is currently awash with emotion. Hopefully the end result will be a more definitive justice for our African American citizens.

However, I do not feel that the Black Lives Matter movement will lead to better race relations, because this movement is...in its name, actions and attitudes ‘’racist.’’

(Racism is separating, dividing or favoring any people by their skin color).

Therefore ‘’any’’ slogan or organization which starts its name by "use of a color’’ is racist.

BLM does not want to be inclusive. BLM wants to be separated, divided and favored by their skin color.

Let’s consider favoritism. Why is it allowed to have a BLM grouping when a "White’’ Lives slogan would never be tolerated?

Why was it allowed to paint the street with their slogan when it wouldn’t be allowed to paint a "White’’ Lives Matter or ‘’All’’ Lives Matter or ‘’Unborn Babies’’ Lives Matter?

Why do we celebrate a "Black’’ History month? Why not a Red history week?

Why are there still "Black’’ beauty contest when white beauty contests are inclusive? Why is there a TV show called "Blackish.’’ Why is there a magazine name Ebony or ‘‘Black’’?

The raising of a fist is a violent action, the bended knee is not a valid demonstration because it reasonably alienated our veterans and patriots..

Whey do we stay sillent and ignore this racism?

To fight racism by allowing the use of more racism, by a different group, has no reason nor balance.

Betten Hoover

Rotonda West


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