Every time a major shooting occurs the left and their media lapdogs call for more gun control. But most law enforcement professionals repeatedly state that such proposals would have little affect on homicides.

The U.S. has almost one gun for every citizen, tops in the world. But we are in the middle of the worldwide pack in terms of firearms homicides. The most dangerous countries are almost all socialist run with tight gun laws.

Studies have shown that tight gun laws do not reduce crime. The most dangerous cities in the country have some of the toughest gun laws and the areas with some of the lowest rates of gun violence have some of the loosest gun laws.

One adjudicated mentally deficient should not own a gun. Mental health records should be accessible by the FDLE for their background checks for gun purchases.

But this would only help a bit. The real problem is that too many guns are in the hands of criminals who bypass the law in acquiring guns. Studies have shown that criminals get their guns from other criminals or simply steal them.

Gang violence in Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore and similar cities is the biggest contributor to our death rate. Contrast Florida and New Jersey. Florida has loose laws and New Jersey has tight laws, but their firearms homicide rate is similar. So it's clear that you can't legislate away crime.

Better mental health treatment and tougher policing and law enforcement are the key to lower homicides.

Bill Dahms

Cape Haze


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