The president made many promises prior to his election. Most importantly, he promised to: repeal Obamacare on day one; build a wall on the Mexican border and have Mexico pay for it; drain the swamp; lock up Hillary Clinton; and reduce the national debt.

None of these promises have been kept.

Instead of draining the swamp, there are more lobbyists in Washington than ever and more money in politics generally. Instead of locking up Hillary, many of Trump’s colleagues have been indicted and some have already been convicted. There is no wall with Mexico and no funding to make one. Obamacare is still the law and that is why those with pre-existing conditions can still obtain health insurance. The size of the national debt has actually grown at a faster rate since he became president.

The president has managed to reduce the unemployment rate, but only because of tax cuts that increased the national debt and by reducing regulations that have already caused harm to our environment. Nonetheless, the actual jobs created in the first 22 months of his presidency is slightly less than during the last 22 months of the Obama presidency, when the economy was already growing. Unlike Obama, Trump inherited a growing economy.

The president claims that he has kept his promises. The reality is quite different. Republicans controlled Congress for his first two years, making it ludicrous to blame Democrats as obstructionists.

Frank Vorlicek

Rotonda West


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