The Republican Party has a long distinguished history in American politics. My father was a very proud Republican. He also told me he could always find one Democrat worthy of a vote.

I saw the Republican Party as the party of the elite-businessmen, professionals, those who were a cut above the rest. The Republican Party also stood for patriotism, moral values.

Today the once proud party is trying to overthrow our Democracy with fabricated evidence that has been dismissed by our courts. The treasonous attack on our capital Jan. 6 sums up how unpatriotic the base of this Republican Party has become.

What’s so sad about this is we need a conservative party. A balance between the liberals and conservatives is healthy for our society as a whole.

Trump has destroyed this once proud political party from within.

As an American I’m sad.

It’s like watching a member of our family addicted to drugs or alcohol. We are powerless to help. All we can do is watch the self destruction continue.

Robert Moran

Port Charlotte


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