Politico cites 15 cases of Trump praising China for its handling of the coronavirus: Jan 22 and 24 "China is working very hard to contain the virus"; Jan 30 "China working very hard....we are working with China"; Feb 7 "Xi is handling it very well" and "Xi is strong, leading a very successful operation, doing a very professional job"; Feb 10 "everything under control"; Feb 10 "under control"; Feb 13 "extremely capable"; Feb 18 "working hard, tough problem, very professional; Feb 26 "working hard to solve the problem"; "repeated"; Feb 28 "spread going down, getting smaller"; Feb 29 "tremendous progress."

The story behind the story: Feb 29 "We just did a tremendous trade deal with China and planning another."

Then, Trump heard the rumblings that folks were pinning this pandemic on him. The "Trump Pandemic" started to make the rounds. Folks started equating the spread of the virus to Trump's ineffective travel restrictions, weak, mealy-mouthed pandemic pronouncements. "It will go away."

"The April temperatures will kill it." "Fifteen cases will soon be zero." It became the "Kung Flu." Since mid-August Trump has downplayed, minimized, denied, ignored the pandemic, even as deaths soared above 200,000 with no indication of abating.

Finally, the piece de resistance: our self-anointed "wartime" president, the most tested, medically secure, protected of all catches the coronavirus. Poetic justice or what? An epiphany is on the horizon. Trump says he finally gets it. Don't count on it.

Who the hell was he saluting?

Donald J. Trump: Finis.

John J. Marshall



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