To use one writer's word -- I too am flabbergasted by how many people still bash Trump and do not acknowledge the very positive things he has accomplished, which I might add has been difficult since there is always so much opposition by the left who are desperately trying to turn this country into a communist country where the government takes care of citizens from cradle to grave. Great for those who do not want to work or who have no ambition.

Why are there so many entitlements for people who have never contributed to the system? Why do illegals seem to have more rights than legal and natural born citizens??

Personally, I applaud Trump for trying to protect our borders. We have our own citizens here who need help, help these people first. If the Democrats and Hollywood celebrities want open borders, I think a perfect solution would be for these people to open their homes and bank accounts to these illegals.

Phyllis Robertson

Rotonda West


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