It appears that many individuals have let the obsession with anything with the word "Russia" affect their sanity. A recent letter states that Russians have usurped America's power, another states that voters are doing Russia's bidding.

Yes, President Trump and some of his associates talked to Russians during the 2016 campaign. Yes, the Russians tried to influence them but failed: according to the Mueller Report. Exactly what has President Trump or his administration supposedly have done in their relationship with Russia? President Trump has not rescinded sanctions that were put on Russia, he has added more sanctions.

What did President Obama do when the Russians annexed Crimea? Nothing. He told Russian President Medvedev he would have more flexibility when he was re-elected. What was that about: sounds like collusion to me. Russia now controls 20 percent of our uranium thanks to President Obama and Secretary Clinton, more collusion.

The Obama Administration knew the Russians were trying to interfere with the 2016 elections. They did not give the Trump campaign a defensive warning, which is standard practice. Hillary Clinton lost the election because she was a poor candidate and ran an ineffective campaign.

The Democrats have an elitist attitude and rely on minority voters and liberal voters on the East and West Coast, they didn't even campaign in Wisconsin

Donald J. Trump won the 2016 election, no Russian collusion, get over it.

Bill Stewart

Port Charlotte


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