I’m a woman of faith, and believe God allowed Trump to be president.

In reading the editorials I see a divided nation, even in my various Bible studies its best not to discuss politics or current events.

My faith teaches me to seek the truth, and the truth can be hard, even brutal to face. But I have learned the truth releases me from a bondage of a denial I ‘m telling myself, and from lies others want me to believe. My faith in The One True God gives me the strength to get through it.

I don’t trust liars and I don’t trust people who stand with them, as my mother taught me “birds of a feather flock together.” My God teaches to have compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience and to discern good from evil, so that I don’t fall.

I don’t know why God allowed Trump as our president, but in my studies in the Bible, it seems to me when God is nearly finished with a nation that has turned far away from Him, he will harden the hearts of its people and they will turn on one another. This I fear is what I see happening in our nation, but the good news is, the God I know will extend His hand over our nation if we turn back to Him and be the nation we were proud to claim in our independence as the “One Nation under God” and “in God We Trust.”

Christine Davis

Port Charlotte


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