I shopped at Walmart recently. I walked in with my mask on.

I was pretty shocked to see a very busy grocery store with very little social distancing, and very few people wearing masks.

I thought I missed a meeting. Was the pandemic over?

There were young shoppers, older shoppers, and loads of families with children.....without masks!

I was shocked. I’ve shopped at Publix, and Winn Dixie, and would say the majority, not all, of shoppers wore masks.

I know masks are not mandated in Port Charlotte, but CDC guidelines have not changed.

My inclination is to stay away from Walmart until we have a mandatory mask order, Walmart requires masks, or the pandemic is under control.

I don’t understand why people are not protecting themselves, their children, and others. Wearing a mask is such an easy thing to do. Why is it being ignored?

Roberta Bannon

Port Charlotte


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