Chuck Taylor is no stranger to a good idea.

He’s spent the preponderance of his career in product development, so when he began playing pickleball six years ago, he was surprised at the cost of paddles made from carbon fiber.

“They wanted $110 for it,” said Taylor, who was 80 at the time.

So, the idea of Your Pickleball Place was born. The Punta Gorda-based business produced customized pickleball paddles that are USA Pickleball Association approved.

He began making paddles from carbon fiber, they were good, but loud.

Taylor had been the head of The Sharper Image’s product development division for 15 years, and found a way to reduce the noise being made by paddles.

He found that many of the players weren’t interested because they were more intent in playing with the louder paddles because it made them feel like they had more power.

“I had been through about 100 different designs,” said Taylor.

In his workshop, there are paddles made from carbon fiber, Kevlar carbon and S-glass, which is a stronger version of fiber glass, he said.

“We make the faces first and they’re all done under vacuum,” said Taylor. “They’re (the faces) stiff, smooth and light, and then they’re bonded to the core materials. Most of the paddles are made out of PolyCore.”

Recently, Taylor reached a milestone, he made his 1,000th customized paddle.

“I wasn’t sure what I was going to be doing six years ago,”said Taylor, prior to starting Your Pickleball Place, but it seems as if he had the right idea.


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