In the mud, they seem messy. But pigs are as complex as a pet dog, a study shows, sociable and even curious.

A study published in the International Journal of Comparative Psychology conducted by researchers from the Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy and Emory University shows pigs have a complex psychology similar to dogs and chimpanzees.

Pigs show various personalities with their coping styles, response types, temperament and behavioral tendencies, the study says.

Some pigs even used vocalization and movements while responding to different situations, like being held down, being socially isolated, or being introduced to an object, showing that piglets exhibited aggression, sociability and exploration.

The Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County currently has two pigs: Peggy and Louie.

The shelter also has 40 adoptable dogs, 50 cats, and three rabbits.

The shelter is currently not running any adoption specials.

Adoption Fees for Dogs:

Adults larger than 25 pounds: $130

Adults smaller than 25 pounds: $220

Puppies that will be larger than 25 pounds: $160

Puppies that are going to be smaller than 25 pounds: $220

Dogs older than 7 years are half-off

Adoption Fees for Cats:

Older than 6 months: $75

Kittens: $100

FIV and FELV positive: $45

Cats older than 7 years are half-off

To view available pets, visit and call 941-625-6720 for more information.


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