David Andrew Soosh

David Andrew Soosh

PUNTA GORDA — The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Punta Gorda man Saturday night after he called 911 multiple times without there being an actual emergency, according to the CCSO arrest report.

David Andrew Soosh, 31, of Padula Street, started calling the Sheriff’s Office around 11 p.m. He would go on to call the emergency line six more times within the hour.

The deputy reported that Soosh was belligerent with the 911 operators during the first call while asking to speak to a deputy and that he was instructed to use a non-emergency line. After speaking with Soosh on a different line, the deputy noted that Soosh was “clearly intoxicated.”

Soosh was trying to find out how to file a restraining order against his wife. The deputy reported that he was familiar with Soosh due to numerous disturbances involving Soosh and his wife.

While on his way to Soosh’s house, Soosh called 911 again and stated “I am waiting for you mother (expletive)” and that he is waiting to “talk to my pigs.” When the deputy arrived at Soosh’s home, Soosh again asked questions related to filing a restraining order.

The deputy asked Soosh if he had an emergency. Soosh said he did not.

Soosh was arrested for inappropriate use of the 911 system and transported to the Charlotte County Jail with a $1,000 bond.


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