The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests:

• Antoin Darren Milner, 30, 500 block of Rotonda Circle, Rotonda West. Charges: failure of defendant on bail to appear on felony and three underlying charges. Bond: none.

• Anita Gay Bass, 56, 1300 block of Taylor St., Punta Gorda. Charge: DUI .15 or higher or with person under 18 in vehicle. Bond: none.

• Richard John Bernhard, 60, 18300 block of Port Charlotte. Charges: three counts of littering over 500 pounds commercial or hazardous waste. Bond: $15,000.

• Gregory Thomas Reibeling Sr., 32, 5400 block of White Ave., Port Charlotte. Charges: off bond/forfeiture/revocations, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, and knowingly driving while license suspended or revoked. Bond: none.

• Kelly James Plummer, 56, 18400 block of Oxford Ave., Port Charlotte. Charges: perjury by contradictory statements in official proceedings and false reports of commission of crimes. Bond: $7,500.

• Jessica Ellicya Thomas, 38, 18400 block of Monet Ave., Port Charlotte. Charges: battery and violation of probation. Bond: none.

• Richard Arthur Tucker, 44, 1100 block of Vinita Ave., Port Charlotte. Charges: failure of defendant on bail to appear on felony and two underlying charges. Bond: none.

• Robert James Bracke, 41, 19600 block of Conway Blvd., Port Charlotte. Charge: engaging in contracting business without certification. Bond: $3,500.

• Renot Merilus, 44, 3600 block of Monterey Lane, North Port. Charge: nonresident driver license required. Bond: none (released on own recognizance).

• Lara Marianne Perkins, 47, 3600 block of Whitman St., North Port. Charges: battery, robbery by sudden snatching with no firearm or weapon, and criminal mischief between $200 and $1,000 damage. Bond: $6,500.

• Gheovanni Rooel Castillo Torres, 35, of Myakka City. Charge: driving with license expired more than six months. Bond: $1,000.

• Garry Gedeon, 33, of Fort Lauderdale. Charges: two out of county warrants. Bond: none.

• Michael Patrick Cagliostro, 47, 17900 block of Murdock Circle, Port Charlotte. Charges: driving while license suspended 2nd offense and two out of county warrants. Bond: none.

• Jose A. Mata, 24, of Georgia. Charge: disorderly intoxication. Bond: $1,000.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests:

• Julio Batista, 39, 13000 block of Tamiami Trail, North Port. Charges: hold for DeSoto County for four counts of use of a fraudulent credit card. Bond: $6,000.

• Joshua Diesl, 33, 1400 block of Prairie Street, North Port. Charge: contempt of court (original charge: violation of financial responsibility for property damage). Bond: $1,000.

• Mary Dulin, 45, 8100 block of Porto Chico Avenue, North Port. Charge: violation of probation (original charge: petty theft third conviction). Bond: none.

• Brittany Gradert, 29, 100 block of South Verona Street, Nokomis. Charge: aggravated child abuse. Bond: $25,000.

• Jeff Senevey, 56, 300 block of North Oxford Drive, Englewood. Charge: hold for Polk County for not paying child support. Bond: $3,192.

• Shawna Sheckells, 31, 300 block of Ravenna Street, Nokomis. Charge: contempt of court (original charge: attempt to defraud/defrauding a urine drug test). Bond: $1,500.

• Grace Zelazney, 31, 700 block of Kimble Road, Venice. Charge: fraud by use of of another person’s identification. Bond: $1,500.

The North Port Police Department reported the following arrests:

• Keith Maine, 39, 200 block of Fairway Drive, Rotonda West. Charge: larceny third or subsequent offense. Bond: $1,500.

• Deborah Rossetti, 65, 12000 block of Lackawanna Lane, Port Charlotte. Charge: domestic battery second or subsequent offense. Bond: none.

The Venice Police Department reported the following arrest:

• Miguel Raymundo, 31, 500 block of Substation Road, Venice. Charge: operating a vehicle without a valid license. Bond: $120.

The Florida Highway Patrol Venice reported the following arrest:

• Lucas Cross, 26, 4900 block of 81st Avenue, Sarasota. Charges: DUI and knowingly driving with a suspended license. Bond: $240.

— Compiled by Anne Easker and Alexandra Herrera


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