Boil water advisory

The City of Punta Gorda Utility Department issued a precautionary boil water notice Thursday on its website after a water main break on Elliott Street and East Marion Avenue.

The announcement was made by the city Friday morning on social media.

“I have not heard a timetable yet for ending the order, but yes it will be distributed through our website and on Facebook,” said City of Punta Gorda Spokesperson Melissa Reichert.

As a precaution, the city advised all water used for drinking or cooking be boiled. A rolling boil of a minute is sufficient. Or alternatively, bottled water may be used.

“You should plan to use this alternative water source for up to three days,” the city announced Friday on social media. “On behalf of the City of Punta Gorda Utility Department we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.”

Areas in Punta Gorda that are affected by the boil water notice include:

- E. Marion Avenue from Cooper Street to Marlympia Avenue

- Peace Harbor Condos

- Landings Way

- Scott Street

- Elliott Street (from E. Marion to the harbor)

- Tabor Strett (from E. Marion to the harbor)

- Roundhouse Street

- Klispie Drive

- Bayridge Place

- Fireball Court

- Lynn Court

- Marlympia Avenue

- Emerald Pointe Condos (Tracy Cope Notified)

- Punta Gorda Marina

- Punta Gorda Animal Hospital

- Fat Point Brewery (Jessie notified)

- Comet Cleaners

- Last Chance Saloon

- Bay Palms

- Orchid Drive

- Setter Street

- Griffith Street

- Anderson Street

- Osceola Ace

- Solana Street

- Mark Ave

- Charlotte Street

- Harvard Street

- Union Avenue

- Mark Avenue

- Dixie Avenue

- Myrtle Avenue

- Cherokee Avenue

- Poinciana Avenue

- Shore Drive

- Howard Street

- Acacla Avenue

- Florida Street (E. Marion to the harbor)

- Drury Lane

- Charlotte Street (from E. Marion/Duncan to the harbor)

- Salona Loop

The city advises affected residents to do the following:

- Shut off and don’t use water spigots with special filters on the kitchen sink or refrigerator.

- Ice makers using piped water source should be turned off until the boil notice is lifted.

- Utilize alternate water source (bottled, boiled, or disinfected) for the following:

Coffee Machines

Food Preparation

Dental Care/Cleaning

- Hand washing multi-use utensils, glasses, or tableware in the sink by the wash, rinse & sanitized method is OK. To sanitize, pour boiling water over dishes after rinsing or pour water mixed with unscented bleach (1 & 1/2 teaspoon to the gallon)

- Utilizing the dish washer is OK utilizing HOT water rinse

- Showering is OK and recommended over bathing, but avoid consuming any water

- Special Commercial Food Preparation Instructions listed below:

Water served to customers must be boiled/bottled/or disinfected. Plan to have or make at least one gallon per seat per day.

Shut off water drink stations, water fountains, and beverage fountains that use tap water to mix with soda syrup or other beverages.

Water vending machines should be shut off, their filters and UV are not capable of overcoming a heavy influx of pathogens.

Machine washing multi-use utensils with hot water rinse or chemical disinfectant rinse is OK. Make sure temperatures and disinfectant dose meet code.

Plastic gloves for employees are best, however hand watering with antibacterial soap is OK.

For food that will be sold uncooked, and the consumer will cook it (such as raw meets), use only boiled/bottled/disinfected water in the processing.

For additional information, call the City of Punta Gorda Utility Department at 941-575-3339 or 941-575-5088.


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