Who’s More Important?

Four of us went to the airport to fly out to Dallas. We had our tickets and boarding passes, but we did not have assigned seats. The flight was over booked, and we had to wait for seats to be assigned. As we were waiting, a woman approached us and asks who is more important? If someone had to be left behind, who would it be? Would you want someone making that decision for you? I told her that all four were important, and all four needed to be on that flight!

1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 says, “The Lord Himself will descend with a shout.... and we will be caught up to meet Him in the air...”

When Jesus returns, He won’t be picking out who He thinks is important enough to go. We are all important to Him and His desire is for all of us to go. He says we are all important to Him, but is He important to all of us?

Jesus showed us we were important by sacrificing Himself for us. We show He is important to us by living for Him. Who is going with Jesus when He returns? Not those who He thinks are important, but those who think He is important and show it by living for Him.

Do you have your flight ticket? Let’s be ready. Let’s have our seats assigned. You are important enough for Him to have died for you, so you could have life through Him!

Dr. Bob Raimondo is senior pastor, of New Life Family Worship, 28330 Bermont Road, Punta Gorda. He may be reached at pastor@nlfw.comcastbiz.net.


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