Scene of submerged stolen truck on Ohara Drive, Port Charlotte

Law enforcement taped off the area where a stolen truck was submerged in the waterway at the end of Ohara Drive in Port Charlotte, near Surfside Court.

A truck reported stolen Monday evening was found submerged in 9 feet of water off Ohara Drive in Port Charlotte Tuesday.

A mail carrier called 911 around 11:30 a.m. to report there was a vehicle in the water, according to Charlotte County Fire and EMS spokesperson Todd Dunn.

The incident occurred past Surfside Court, where Ohara Drive dead-ends.

“Station two responded and found vehicle parts, damage to shrubs, damage to a dock, but no sign of the vehicle,” Charlotte County Fire and EMS spokesperson Todd Dunn said.

The marine operations unit was summoned, and divers Mike Downs and Randy Brown went into 9 feet of water and discovered a submerged truck, said Dunn.

No one was in the vehicle.

“We marked the vehicle and waited for Charlotte County Sheriff deputies who stayed on the scene and waited for a tow truck to arrive,” Dunn said.

An aerial drone photo shows a white buoy, indicating the location of the submerged vehicle. There is a large oil slick surrounding it.

Another aerial photo shows where the truck was driven through shrubbery and hit part of a dock before entering the water.

Parts of the damaged tree, dock, and other debris can be seen on land and in the water.

After Charlotte County Fire and EMS left the scene, Charlotte County Sheriff’s deputies marked the area with yellow tape as the investigation continued into the afternoon.


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