Lynn Davies, owner and operator of Tobacco Locker and Cigar Bar in Port Charlotte, has a passion for everything cigar. Davies’ shop offers a large selection of cigars, a cigar bar, craft beer, wine, espresso and more.

Q.) What has changed since you opened 11 years ago?

A.) We are constantly rotating our craft beer selections as well as adding new products. We are an appointed ‘Davidoff’ merchant as of four years ago. We are one of only 250 businesses in the United States. We carry everything Davidoff makes.”

Q.) How many employees do you have?

A.) That would be my husband and I. We are currently looking for someone to manage out Cigar Bar.

Q.) What is your most popular item or service?

A.) Our ‘Padron’ cigars. They are the number one choice in the cigar world.

Q.) What is the hardest part about your business?

A.) Being able to accommodate everyone and being open long enough for all.

Q.) What sets you apart from other businesses?

A.) We are true tobacconist’s. We both smoke cigars and we know cigars. Cigars are all we do... They’re our babies.

Q.) What advice do you have for someone just starting a business?

A.) People don’t realize unless you have been in business for yourself and actually stayed in business what it entails. I would suggest that what ever business you’re trying to open that you go and work for a small business of that type... That way you know what goes into running that kind of business.

Q.) What does the future hold for your business?

A.) Hopefully expanding and finding a larger facility so we can display more of our two and a half million cigars.


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