Most people measure their year by the season or by the month. I measure mine by WaterLine special sections. As you probably noticed, there’s 32 pages of RV content attached to your magazine this week. We do this every year to coincide with the big SuperSaver RV show at the Lee Civic Center.

Simple aside: Demographics research has shown that boaters and RVers are the same people. If you enjoy freedom of travel and being able to go where you want when you want, you ought to go down to the show this weekend and check out the latest rigs.

Anyway, publication of the RV tab (industry lingo for “tabloid,” which refers to the paper size and not to fake news content) ends my “RV season,” which started in November, and marks the beginning of what I fondly call the “mad season.” Now that it’s done, I’m pivoting toward the year’s big project — the 2019 Annual Guide to Fishing Southwest Florida.

Those of you who have been WaterLine subscribers since at least last March know what I’m referring to. Those who haven’t — well, you’re in for a treat.

The Annual Guide is packed full of the sort of basic information every local angler needs to know. It’s a reference manual that you’ll probably read a couple times and then save to go back and read again. And it goes only to WaterLine subscribers — those of you who are picking up the magazine at a tackle shop or restaurant are out of luck. Sorry about that, but the thing is huge and just costs to much to produce for me to give it away. Besides, being a subscriber needs to come with benefits, right?

So, I’ll be spending even more hours chained to my desk — at least until the end of March, when the “busy but I can breathe” season starts. That kind of glides into tarpon season, which we did a special edition for a few years back and I’m thinking of reviving it.

And now you know why I look forward to summer: I can get out of the office every now and then.

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