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“Come to Trivia Night with us,” my friend said. “I need some smart people at the table.”

Yes, I knew she was just schmoozing me — after all, I’ve always said that if I’m the smartest person in the room, I need to find another room. However, I’m always up for a good competition and a visit to the White Buffalo Saloon, in Sarasota, is consistently a fun place to go.

Since it opened in 2012, the venue has been the go-to spot for country music and line dancing, but it’s also become a fantastic spot for live music of all kinds and special events. One of the newest things they’re doing is a Wednesday night team trivia contest.

On Trivia Night, groups of people begin showing up beginning at 4 p.m., because BOGO (buy one, get one free) prices on drinks and beer goes on from then until 6 p.m. During that time, folks can play pool or cornhole, if they want, and there is no charge to do it. On the evening I went, my group and I staked out a table near the bar and prepared to vie against about eight other teams.

The competition is run by a young man named Rob, who works for Steve-O Entertainment, a local company that provides MC and DJ services for similar contests in the area. As Rob explained to us the rules, our table lamented the fact that the primary theme for the night was country music — not surprising, of course, but not one single one of us at the table knew anything about that particular genre of music, especially the newer songs.

Anyway, it really didn’t matter, because only a couple of rounds were in that theme, and the other three rounds were general knowledge questions. I will say, though, that in one of those country music rounds, the one that focused on old school music, I actually fared pretty well. There’s something to be said for growing up in a home in the South where country music was played all the time.

Surprisingly, at the end of five rounds, our table was in the lead in points accumulated. Then came the “Final Jeopardy” question. Before the question was read, Rob read to us what the category was going to be and then we were asked to make a wager with our points. The category ended up to be History (not my strongest subject), but Chris, one of the players at our table, assured us that we needn’t worry, he had this.

I can’t remember what the actual question was, because it was like another language to me, it was so far over my head, but I do remember what Chris’s answer was: “The Rough Riders.” Since we had wagered all of our points except for two of them, we won handily. And for our efforts, Rob came over and gave our table a gift card, which we proceeded to spend on celebratory drinks.

I’m not kidding myself into thinking that I had much to do with our big victory, but I plan to keep pretending to be the smart one at the table on Wednesday nights — at least when Chris doesn’t show up.

Debbie Flessner writes the Live Like a Tourist column for the Sun newspapers. You may contact her at


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