Art Center Sarasota’s 2018-2019 exhibition season, entitled “Parts Unknown,” continues with four exhibits. “Art Center Instructors Group Show,” in Gallery One, features work in 17 mediums by 35 Art Center Sarasota instructors. “#ComboPhotos,” in Gallery Two, features Stephen McMennamy’s surreal photo collages. In Gallery Three, “Fragments, Grids, And Other Phenomena” is a series of assemblage paintings and works on paper by Peter Gatzambide. “Intermix” is an open, all-media, all-subject, exhibition in Gallery Four, juried by Barbara Eisenberg.

A reception for all four exhibits is Nov. 29, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The Art Center Instructors Group Show features works in 17 mediums by 35 Art Center Sarasota instructors.

According to Elizabeth Goodwill, the education director at Art Center Sarasota, “Our talented instructors are all professional artists. This exhibit gives them an opportunity to showcase their high level of mastery. Viewers also get to see the complex diversity of disciplines we offer here.”

Goodwill notes that the center offers painting classes in watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastel, cold wax, mixed media and sumi-e.

“We also offer drawing, printmaking, bookmaking, film and contemporary art criticism classes,” she said. “We try to appeal to artists working in a wide variety of mediums.”

The exhibit’s featured artists are Ann Abgott, Bill Buchman, Carol Buck, Robert Burridge, Betty Car, Craig Carl, Carolyn Daniele, Dawn Davis, Renee DiNapoli, Barbara Eisenberg, Sandy Frick, Ralph Garafola, Nancy Goff, Julie Hanson, Jane Harris, Margaret Hillman, Janine Hoffman, Tim Jaeger, Judy Just, Cedar Kindy, Jill Krasner, Ali Lambert, Allison Lehti, Victoria Mayol, Joseph Melancon, Kathryn Morrill, Lolly Owens, Jean Pederson, Ginny Pennell, Keiko Romerstein, Jane Slivka, Tom Stephens, Gail White and Tom Winchester.

Goodwill added that select visiting artist instructors, Robert Burridge, Betty Carr, Dawn Davis, and Jean Pedersen, some traveling internationally, will be presenting special multi-day workshops and artist’s demonstrations at the center in 2019.

In #ComboPhotos, Instagram sensation Stephen McMennamy combines ordinary, seemingly unrelated objects and scenes to create surreal, mind-boggling mash-ups. McMennamy built a career in advertising with one of the largest firms in the world and was responsible for creating some of the more recognizable national ad campaigns. During this time, his passion for photography and creatively blending art and imagery was honed. A perfect outlet for this was the social media platform, Instagram. As he became more known on Instagram with more than 300,000 followers, his work drew the attention of large corporations, musicians and others. McMennamy now heads up his own firm with top companies such as Hewlett Packard, KFC, Nest, Play-doh, and Jack Daniels as clients.

“This exhibition will bring McMennamy’s popular work into the gallery space where it will encounter a different audience,” said Dustin Juengel, the exhibit’s curator.

“One of the challenges lies in the presentation of the work and whether it can function as successfully in the context of an exhibition space as it does on the internet. In turn, it may also introduce and seduce viewers who have not yet discovered Instagram, to this online world of art.”

McMennamy said he’s “super excited” to be a part of this exhibit. “I’ve never thought of my work as something to be exhibited in a physical space so this is new territory and much appreciated.” For more information about Stephen McMennamy, visit

Punta Gorda-based artist Peter Gaztambide’s work includes colorful, Neo-Caribbean motifs blending painting and collage within large-scale works on paper and mural. This exhibit features works on paper and a mural that integrate wax crayons, cut paper, and acrylic paint set within the backdrop of the newspaper’s grid of editorials, articles, comics, and advertisements. Relying on the restriction of the grid structure to start each piece, Gaztambide leverages his innate skill as an instinctual image-maker to challenge conventions and develop deeply complex compositions. “Repetition of form develops underlying beats for intuitive rhythms and gestures to emerge and the work evokes the struggle and codependence of order and chaos, where unforeseen forms arise out of the fragmentation of the newspaper’s underlying structure,” states Nathan Skiles, the exhibit’s curator.

“Intermix” is an all-media, all-subject juried exhibition open to all artists. The juror for this exhibition is Barbara Eisenberg a local artist and instructor. She graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in art education. Her work is included in many collections throughout the United States. Eisenberg’s work, focusing on expressive landscapes in large-scale mixed media paintings, is shown in galleries and art centers in Florida and Michigan.

Art Center Sarasota is located at 707 N. Tamiami Trail, in Sarasota. For more information, call 941-365-2032 or visit


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