Musicians, fans of music can often see colors when they hear certain songs or musical chords.

Some tones and vibrations inspire ideas of blue and green, red and purple — it’s different for everyone.

When it comes to The BoogieMen — the premiere band of Charlotte County — the music is a kaleidoscope of sound and uninhibited by space and time.

“We do popular music from the 1950s through 2019,” said band leader and founder Mike Riley.

The BoogieMen will bring that swirl of experience to the William H. Wakeman, III Cultural Center Theater in Port Charlotte.

“We are truly blessed that after 29 years of ‘Rock & Soul Music,’ The BoogieMen are still in demand for many of Charlotte County’s annual events as well as nonprofit and children charity events,” Riley said.

From the time he was young, Riley’s dream was to have the best band in the town that he loved.

Most would say he has accomplished just that.

The list is long when it comes to the bands with which The BoogieMen have shared a stage. The Beach Boys, Kansas, The Edgar Winter Group, Grand Funk Railroad, Rick Derringer, Bertie Higgins, Dr. Hook, The Lovin Spoonful, Derek Trucks, The Rascals, Herman’s Hermits and Blues Traveler, to name more than a few.

“Great three-part harmonies are so important to our music,” Riley said. “What separates us from other bands are our two trumpet players and our saxophonist, plus, some bands use tracks to add horns, keys and vocal harmonies (which we don’t do). All of our mistakes are our own and (it’s) real.”

Since its beginning, the band has grown to 10 members, something Riley refers to as a “Rock and Soul Orchestra.”

The number of members and their talents provide a rich blend of vocals and instruments that keep people coming back again and again to enjoy.

“Our audience(s) will hear songs from artists such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Wilson Pickett, The Beatles, The Temptations, Chicago, Journey, The B52’s, Fleetwood Mac and The Doobie Brothers,” Riley said. “I love watching and reading the audience. When we hit that first note and they start tapping their toes, snapping their fingers, and singing along, I know that we have connected and will get them up dancing.”

The BoogieMen will take the stage at 7 p.m. Sept. 21 at The William H. Wakeman, III Cultural Center Theater located at 2280 Aaron St., Port Charlotte.

For tickets or more information, visit or contact the box office at 941-625-4175, open 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. Doors open at 6 p.m.

“This a great venue to hear The BoogieMen at their best,” Riley said. “The music is powerful but not overwhelming. This is the music of your life and we invite you to visit with us at our rock ‘n’ roll kaleidoscope.”


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