After a successful Fall 2019 tour in Southwest Florida, Seattle-based band No Quarter: “A Tribute to the Led Zeppelin Legacy” will take the stage at the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center, performing hits and deep tracks from the legendary rock band’s decade-long catalog of music.

Expect to hear hits like “Rock ‘n’ Roll,” “Stairway to Heaven,” “Immigrant Song” and “Kashmir,” as well as the band’s deeper tracks like “No Quarter,” “Ramble On” and “Dazed and Confused,” among many more in the two-hour-long reproduction of Led Zeppelin in their prime.

“The last tour was fantastic,” said Bryan Christiansen, No Quarter guitarist. “We had so many excited Led Zeppelin fans (in Florida) that we just had to come back to where the party’s at.”

The Magical Moment

Christiansen was just a teenager when Led Zeppelin caught his ear.

Now in his mid-50s, he’s spent the past 20 years or so playing the role of Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and he loves every bit of it.

“It’s timeless music,” Christiansen said. “It’s an unstoppable force. What we try to do is bring you back to what it was like to actually be at a Led Zeppelin concert back in the ’70s.

“Every once in a while there is a magical moment on stage. It just resonates with the band and the audience that creates an energy that everyone feeds off of and it just builds and builds.”

The Real Deal

No Quarter has been called “the real deal” by “Led Head” fans and players with whom they’ve shared the stage.

“I (saw) Led Zeppelin in Tampa 1977 and let me say No Quarter is the complete package musically, stage dress and performance,” wrote Roger Keene on No Quarter’s Facebook page.

Christiansen and his bandmates go beyond the music in their live performances. They also dress and act like the original members: John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.

Even the original bassist Jones has witnessed the realism of No Quarter, according to Christiansen.

“That’s scary, looking at the likeness of each character,” Jones said to No Quarter after one of the band’s shows. “As long as you’re doing it, (it) means we don’t have to.”

The Connection

It’s all about connecting with the Led Zeppelin fans for Christiansen.

“I believe in what we are doing and it’s incredible to connect with Led Zeppelin fans and the energy that we all feed off of,” Christiansen said. “We are fans of Zeppelin before we are musicians.”

“We know the fans in Florida like Led Zeppelin and know the band’s music,” Christiansen said. “It’s a must to play more deep cuts this time around. For us, Florida is the farthest place to go from Seattle and it’s the energy that the fans there bring to the concerts that makes every mile worth the trip.”


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