Rocky Trop bathes in the ‘Scubaribbean’ sound

Sweet Baby Luv and Pup Morse comprise the kinetic-acoustic duo Rocky Trop, which plays “Scubaribbean” music — a combination of Trop Rock and the Caribbean sound.

It’s where Island meets Country.

Sweet Baby Luv and her partner Pup Morse formed the kinetic-acoustic duo Rocky Trop in 2017 to bring a new version of Trop Rock to Southwest Florida. Luv, whose real name is Stephanie Drexler, said the band got its name because she lives in the tropics and Pup, who also writes music for the band, hails from the Colorado Rockies.

“We’re both originally from Michigan, though,” Luv said. “I’ve been living in Englewood for 12 years now. I had a friend down here and came for a week’s vacation and never went back. Pup winters with me these days.”

“The last two years I’ve actually spent more time here than in Colorado,” Pup added. “The music scene is what brought me down here. I play for scuba divers, beach people and Parrot Heads. People who love the ocean.”

Pup plays acoustic guitar and sings while Luv handles the congas and percussion. She said her musical inspiration comes from the likes of Jim Croce, Bob Seger, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd while Pup has been most influenced by such singer-songwriters as Seger, Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney.

“We play original songs as well as covers,” Luv said. “Everything from country to Caribbean and rock to reggae. Audiences can expect a high energy, fun, joyful show. We always have a smile on our face and we really have a lot of fun at our shows. Pup is a specialty artist, by the way, who does something nobody else does. He writes his own genre of music, called ‘Scubaribbean,’ which is a cross between scuba music — which is sort of a Trop Rock sound — and Caribbean music.”

“It’s fun and very island-y,” Pup added. “It’s songs with happy themes. The only difference is instead of just singing about the islands, drinking, tiki huts, sunshine and sand, I also incorporate the element of scuba diving, because I also happen to be a scuba diver.”


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