Rumours ATL brings the music and magic of Fleetwood Mac

Rumours ATL captures the energy of Fleetwood Mac at the height of their career by blending perfect harmonies, precise instrumentation and a visually engaging stage show.

What started as a whimsical “evening of Fleetwood Mac” four years ago, didn’t take long to explode into a national touring, full-time experience for the members of Rumours ATL.

“We have been very fortunate,” said Adrienne Cottrell, 38, keyboardist. “Most places that we go, people turn out for the show because they love Fleetwood Mac so much.”

Rumours ATL is bringing the magic and miracles of the Fleetwood Mac experience to Punta Gorda at the Charlotte Performing Arts Center on Jan. 19 for a matinee and an evening performance.

The tribute band’s dedication to recreating the Fleetwood Mac experience has skyrocketed their popularity, garnering a loyal fan base and sold out shows around the country.

Taking on the role of Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie wasn’t a tough decision when Rumours member Alex Thrift, then neighbors in Atlanta, asked Cottrell to try out.

“I met Thrift literally talking over the fence in the backyard,” said Cottrell. “We realized that we were both musicians, and would occasionally mention current projects in passing. He’d mentioned working on Fleetwood Mac songs for a show, to which I responded, ‘That’s a golden idea’. After that first show, he asked if I was interested in coming to a rehearsal and playing the Christine McVie parts. I’ve always loved Fleetwood Mac, so I thought it would be fun. We’ve been bandmates ever since.”

Rumours is the country’s premier Fleetwood Mac tribute band, according to the group’s press release. Based in Atlanta, Rumours captures the energy of Fleetwood Mac at the height of their career by blending perfect harmonies, precise instrumentation and a visually engaging stage show.

“The goal is to do a good job and to get those same people to want to see us again and again,” said Cottrell. “Our audiences love Fleetwood Mac, and they appreciate the concept of a tribute band. We want to look and sound the part, and make the audience feel like they’ve gone back in time to a Fleetwood Mac concert from the ,70s or ,80s. We have fans who fly to see us in cities that they love.”

Fleetwood Mac is unique, according to Cottrell, because the band was built around three separate songwriters, “three creative voices.”

“They write and sound very different from each other, but their songs are straightforward and honest, said Cottrell. “This honesty speaks to people. Fleetwood Mac’s songs are about timeless things: love, loss, hope. It is passionate music that is also undeniably catchy. And while some of the songs were written 40 years ago, they don’t sound dated.”

The band has played to sold out audiences and packed houses at private engagements and major venues across the country including House of Blues, the legendary Daryl Hall’s Club, and a one-week residency at Epcot for Disney’s popular Sounds Like Summer concert series.

“It’s amazing to me how many times we’ve had three generations within one family come to a show together, and all of them know every song,” said Cottrell. “The chemistry and passion that Fleetwood Mac has as a whole when they perform together strikes a chord in listeners and draws them in. It is a truly unique band, and it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with their music.”


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