Director Zack Snyder attends the "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" New York Premiere at Radio City Music Hall on March 20, 2016 in New York City. Snyder’s much-talked-about cut of the 2017 superhero movie “Justice League” is soaring onto HBO Max next year.

Director Zack Snyder’s much-talked-about cut of the 2017 superhero movie “Justice League” is soaring onto HBO Max next year.

The decision to release Snyder’s vision for the film in 2021 was announced Wednesday by the director during a virtual Q&A with Henry Cavill about their 2013 Superman movie, “Man of Steel.”

“I want to thank HBO Max and Warner Brothers for this brave gesture of supporting artists and allowing their true visions to be realized,” Snyder said in a statement. “Also a special thank you to all of those involved in the SnyderCut movement for making this a reality.”

Snyder was the original director of “Justice League,” which stars Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill and Jason Momoa, but left the project during post-production due to a family tragedy. Joss Whedon then completed the film.

Fans have often called for Snyder’s version of the movie to be released using the hashtag #ReleaseTheSnyderCut on social media. Some of the movie’s stars, such as Gadot, Affleck, and Momoa, have also taken part in that online campaign.

“Since I got here 14 months ago, the chant to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut has been a daily drumbeat in our offices and inboxes,” said Robert Greenblatt, chairman of Warner Media Entertainment.

“Well, the fans have asked, and we are thrilled to finally deliver,” Greenblatt continued. “At the end of the day, it really is all about them and we are beyond excited to be able to release Zack’s ultimate vision for this film in 2021. This could never have happened if it weren’t for the hard work and combined efforts of the teams at HBO Max and Warner Bros. Pictures.”

“Justice League” features a slew of DC Comics heroes coming together, with Affleck starring as Batman, Cavill portraying Superman, Gadot depicting Wonder Woman and Momoa playing Aquaman.

The exact release date for the Snyder cut has not been announced.

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