The best kind of music has a story to tell

Robert Garcia will be the “rock ‘n’ roll” voice of the three, along with Paul Crotty playing folk and Red Griffin playing country music.

It’s a series of threes when it comes to The Story Tellers — three musicians, three voices, three musical genres — and a new, one-time only show coming to Port Charlotte in November.

“That’s what appealed to me,” said Robert Garcia, one of the trio, and a regular face for live shows in Southwest Florida.

Garcia will be the “rock ‘n’ roll” voice of the three, along with Paul Crotty playing folk and Red Griffin playing country — all of whom have been regular fixtures for local music in Southwest Florida.

The stripped-down show is planned for the William H. Wakeman III Cultural Center Theater in Port Charlotte on Nov. 9.

The three will feature the best of classic players like Johnny Cash (country), the Rolling Stones (rock) and John Denver (folk). As well as many more artists within those genres.

Previously, Garcia has performed conceptual tours in the area such as his “Rock ‘n’ Roll Love Letter” that took off just over a year ago, highlighting the past 70 years of rock ‘n’ roll and showcasing the genre’s culture from its inception and on through each decade that came after.

As far as Crotty and Griffin, Garcia has nothing but respect and admiration.

“I consider it a privilege to share the stage with them,” Garcia said. “Crotty basically taught me how to sing harmonies. He’s a musical unicorn that sings, plays keyboards, and guitar with a professional-level skill.”

Red, is a “salty, southern road dog,” according to Garcia.

“Red could actually be a country song,” Garcia said. “I met Red a while back, when Sun Events was presenting Mickey Gilley in the Southwest Florida area. I had a night off, and like I often do, I went to catch the show. Red was the opener. I was impressed by how he could ingratiate himself with the audience; he was positively charming.”

Some weeks later, Griffin contacted Garcia about available lead guitar players to fill-in on short-notice gigs.

“I made some phone calls but we had cut it too close,” Garcia said. “He then asked ‘How about you?’”

Garcia doesn’t deny knowing his way around a guitar, especially electric guitar but he admits he had never done a full out “country” gig.

“Red said, ‘you’ll be fine, cause I’m gonna help you through it’ and he did,” Garcia said. “The gig not only went fine, but I went on to do others with him. We would jokingly call the band ‘Red Zeppelin’ because of my rock influences. I learned a lot from him on those gigs.”

The Story Tellers show will be unique for all fans of music in the Charlotte County area.

“The build up to this show is a different approach completely than my other shows,” Garcia said, “in that there are two other musicians so instrumentally (present) that there will be arrangements and also, vocally, there will be multiple levels of harmony. This is a ‘feel good’ show.”

As of this report, the collaboration is a one-night only experience, special for the artists and the audience but Garcia doesn’t count out future collaborations.

“This one is just a one shot (for now),” Garcia said. “We might do it again, (for now) this is more like letting you in to the living room of three musicians who genuinely like each other and come from different backgrounds, all the while playing together for fun.”


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