The Venice Drum Circle hosts its sunset celebrations on Sunday nights at Venice Beach.

Walking up to the beach, you hear the drums before you can see the drummers. For those of you who have never attended the Venice Drum Circle on Sunday nights, you will be in for a wonderful treat.

Bring a chair, if you want to be comfortable. Attendees have been known to bring small tables, and set them up for snacks and beverages, as they listen to the rhythmic beating of the drums. Along with that, one gets to watch the colorful and entertaining activities that go on in the center of the circle, to which anyone is welcome.

There are belly dancers, done up in traditional colorful garb. Some with butterfly wings, some with colorful fans that have flowing brightly colored silks attached, to flutter in the breeze as the women dance about.

Children also participate in the fun, as well as some of those who twirl hula hoops around more than just their waists, amazing the crowd with their dexterous handling of two at a time.

As the sun begins it’s slow decent into the gulf, creating a sky full of amazing color, Mic McManus, Venice’s Shaman, has been known to salute the setting sun with the distinctive sound he creates, by blowing on a conch shell.

The drumming rhythm escalates, and most turn, giving their full attention to the sun, as it slips beneath the horizon ... which is then, generally accompanied by the cheers and applause of the onlookers.

The visual treats get even better once the sun has set, and darkness falls. The children and adults in the circle, who having been twirling their hula hoops, now have them lit up, creating a whole different colorful and pleasurable view.

The rhythm of the drums continues, as the hoops are twirled, colors flashing and blurring. Those in the circle continue to dance and celebrate Mother Nature, friendship and simple good times.

If you haven’t been, give it a try some Sunday night. It’s definitely a worthwhile experience.


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