Which band did it better: The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

These two legendary bands will engage in an on-stage, mash-up duel — a musical “showdown of the hits” — featuring internationally renowned tribute bands, The Nowhere Band and ZStonez going head-to-head.

What band did it better: The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

It’s a matter of opinion for Dave Radford, drummer for tribute bands The Nowhere Band and ZStonez.

Southwest Florida residents will be able to decide for themselves which British invasion sensation should take the top spot when the two tribute bands perform at the Venice Community Center on March 26 and at the Charlotte Performing Arts Center in Punta Gorda on April 4.


All the hits from both bands will be on full display.

People can expect hits like “A Day in the Life,” “Penny Lane,” “Hey Jude,” “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” “Ruby Tuesday,” “Wild Horses,” “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” and more.


It’s a question without an answer.

“The Beatles are more of a laid back show compared to the Stones,” Radford said. “The Stones … they are more in your face. The volume gets turned up and we rock the house. It’s party time when the Rolling Stones come out.”

It depends on the listener, according to Radford.

“There are a lot of different aspects between the two bands,” Radford said. “For me, I’d rather play the Ringo (Beatles) drums than the Charlie Weis parts. But it is just a personal taste.”


“With both band together, it’s a sell-out event,” Radford said. “A lot of fans are Beatles fans and a lot are Rolling Stones fans but both crowds show up and make it a killer event.”

The best part for Radford and his bandmates is the crowd engagement and love of the music.

“People love to sing along,” Radford said. “It’s just a lot of fun. People sing along and clap and people sing (the choruses) back to us. Everybody knows these songs well. We will stop and they will sing them back … it’s just a lot of fun.”

Radford said the musicians in the band are the real winners.

“Other people get to listen to it and enjoy the music, but we get to get on stage and be part of tribute,” Radford said. “We are lucky to get to do that. More than just listening to the music and enjoying it, we get to be on stage and act it out. It’s hard to beat … to put into words. We all have memories associated with these songs.”


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