Bayfront Health Port Charlotte is pleased to announce the recent addition of a new robotic-assisted surgical system. Now, Bayfront Health Port Charlotte has two of the most advanced robotic systems that can be used for a variety of complex procedures.

These surgical systems allow for “multi-quadrant” surgeries, meaning the instruments are able to reach from the pelvis to the chest. With previous robotic technology, many complex gynecological and general surgery cases required either the patient or robot to be repositioned during surgery which takes time. Bayfront’s investment in a robotic-system upgrade gives surgeons anatomical access from virtually any position, often eliminating the need for repositioning. And for the patient, this new capability can mean less time under anesthesia when compared to the previous robotic platform.

“When I’m performing bariatric surgery, having the ability to easily access different areas of the abdomen without having to reposition the equipment or my patient is very important,” said Geoffrey Roelant, M.D., board-certified general surgeon with Bayfront Health Medical Group. “Now with two of these systems at Bayfront Health, I truly am provided the advanced visualization and greater ability to manipulate tissue to reduce pain and improve outcomes. And that means a lot to me and my patients.”

The robotics program at Bayfront Health Port Charlotte is made up of a dedicated group of surgical staff, nurses, anesthesia providers and surgeons. Active surgeons in the program include general surgeons Alvaro R. Bada, M.D., Alvaro M. Bada, M.D., and Maria Castilla, M.D.; general and bariatric surgeons Christopher Finley, D.O. and Geoffrey Roelant, M.D.; colon and rectal surgeon Domingo Galliano, Jr., M.D., FACS, FASCRS; urologist Jens Carlsen, D.O.; and gynecologists Hernán Fuentes, M.D., Ruben Guzman, M.D., and Charlene Okomski, D.O.

“I enjoy working with the robotics team at Bayfront Health Port Charlotte,” says Jens Carlsen, D.O., urologist on the medical staff. “When sitting at the surgeon’s console, I have total control of the wristed instrument for each of the four arms of the robotic system, which provides me a more controlled and precise operation.”

Bayfront Health Port Charlotte also has a third robot as part of their robotics program that is used for total hip, partial knee and total knee procedures. It is the only one of its kind here in Charlotte County.

“We are truly thrilled to be able to offer this technology and have the largest and longest running robotics program here in Charlotte County,” said Timothy Cerullo, Market CEO for Bayfront Health Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda. “Last year we hit a milestone when Dr. Alvaro M. Bada performed the 1000th robotic-assisted surgical case here at Bayfront Health Port Charlotte. Since then, our team has performed more than 400 procedures, so I anticipate we will be celebrating our 2000th case sometime in 2019.”

To learn more about Bayfront Health Port Charlotte’s robotics program, visit


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