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Julie Anne McGready spent 10 months earning certification as an integrative movement specialist.

Julie Anne McGready just spent 10 months earning certification as an integrative movement specialist, a new credential she says sets her apart from the ordinary fitness trainer.

She received training in the study of the systems of the human body as they develop, and the breakdown of these systems as we age.

McGready works out of Elite Fitness & Training, a private and group fitness studio located in Murdock. She is also a personal trainer and a certified posture specialist.

Basically, what she does is offer assessment and corrective strategy for posture and movement issues. We’re all born with a certain core strength that serves as the foundation for movement. When people are young, everything runs smoothly.

As people age, things begin to go wrong. It could be because of injury, work habits, or simply getting older. But we lose some of that smooth interaction, and we begin to compensate, creating bad habits that can become debts we will pay as seniors.

A typical problem is round shoulders and poor posture created from sitting in front of a computer screen all day. Another is repetitive movement that may lead to a painful condition such as arthritis down the road.

“It’s how we sit, how we move, what we do in everyday life,” she said. “These are things that all tie into our posture and movement strategies as we mature. As we mature, it becomes a magnification of what we were when we were younger.”

“What happens is, your body develops compensation. If something is not quite right, we’ll go in and tighten up an area for stability.”

As an integrative movement specialist — the only one in Charlotte County, she says — McGready can fix that.

“To a degree,” she cautioned. “A lot depends on how well my client is going to do their home exercise program. Nothing is fixed in an hour a week. Things are helped in an hour a week, but what you do on an everyday basis is important.

“I will assess and determine where an individual’s non-optimal posture and movement is coming from. Then I will adjust that and give them corrective exercises.”

She designs “strategies” her clients can adopt so they gain mobility, balance and stability. And then they client would “graduate” to a program using traditional exercise.

McGready’s typical client is a Baby Boomer. No single complaint stands out among the list of ailments brought to her, from spinal stenosis, to low-back issues to shoulder issues to arthritis to incontinence.

A lot of posture and movement is learned behavior, she says, and “by the time you get to Baby Boomer, or senior, age, all of those habits are magnified. By the time you get to your 50s, any postural or movement habits are an exaggeration of what they were when you were in your 20s.”

In other words, it’s payback time.

McGready can help lessen the bill.

Elite Fitness & Training is located at 946 Tamiami Trail #204, Port Charlotte.

For more information, visit or call 941-286-3475.


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