Finding time for fitness and health

Ken Donahue uses the chest press machine at the Cultural Center’s Fitness Center.

A result of our contemporary lifestyle is the inability to find the time and motivation to participate in beneficial physical activities. This has led to a decrease in the level of fitness (and state of health) of many.

How active you are will have a strong influence on your fitness and health. For most, the highest activity levels precede the senior years. Data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that the percentage of adults who engaged in regular physical activity decreased with age. For adults 65-74 years, women were less likely than men to engage in regular physical activity.

Through regular exercise, many of the illnesses threatening good health and longevity can be avoided. Obesity, abdominal distention (pot belly), osteoporosis and many other illnesses would not be as prevalent as they are today.

In the “old days” when we walked to school and work, used our physical body to perform our daily labor and involved ourselves in the games and fitness activities of the time, it was less difficult maintaining favorable degrees of fitness and health. Today, the situation has changed. Now driving to work, to school and to the supermarket. Many activities are now performed indoors while standing or sitting.

It is important that time and motivation be found to reclaim and/or maintain desirable levels of fitness and good health. The following tips may help you find the time to exercise.

• Join a health club or fitness center. The atmosphere and other members may offer needed motivation.

• Consider your available time and establish an exercise schedule.

• Plan to exercise at different times of the day. You may wish to do some exercise in the morning, a little before and/or after lunch and a final session at some point in the evening.

• Do some simple exercises while at your desk or at different points during the performance of your work. Fusion One is an exercise program that offers a vast number of exercises you can do while sitting.

• When creating your exercise schedule, plan activities for the weekend.

For fitness information and services, visit the Cultural Center of Charlotte County’s Fitness Center at 2280 Aaron St., Port Charlotte, or call 941-625-4175, ext. 263.


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