From the spiritual realm all things come, and to that realm they will return. Life is a person’s existence in the physical realm. Death is seen as the end of that existence.

A quest by men and women since the dawn of time was to acquire the secret to living a long and healthy life.

What is the secret to living a long and healthy life? The truth is, there is no single or specific answer to that question. People over the ages have pondered the question, and although many answers have been given, a specific principle or procedure that is universal enough to satisfy every inquiry do not seem to exist.

What does exist: Systems of antiquity that are still here today to help with the ascension and ultimate liberation of mankind, and gifts of science that offer the possibility for improved health and long life.

When striving for good health and long life, a person should be open minded and seek knowledge, not just from the doctrines of today, but also from the teachings of the past. Rules for maintaining good health and enhancing longevity can be found in books (both old and new). That information is also available online. In addition, classes, lectures, seminars and workshops that deal, directly or indirectly, with health and longevity are available and may be pursued.

Below are a number of principles and practices that could prove helpful to anyone pursuing a path to health and long life.

• Know your purpose in life.

• Strive to ensure a future that is secure.

• Practice safety in all that you do

• Establish a system for effective stress management.

• Hold fast to your spiritual and other guiding principles and let your speech and actions be governed by love, understanding and compassion.

• Ensure a personality that is based on friendliness, good attitude, self-control and good human relations.

• Make every effort to communicate and get along well with others.

• Practice daily meditation to gain control of your emotions, foster deep relaxation and strengthen and focus your mind.

• Be committed to the pursuit of fitness and good health.

For your fitness and good health, visit the Cultural Center’s Fitness Center or call 941-625-4175, ext. 263.


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