Cindy Brehse saw a gap.

The popular fitness instructor for seniors noticed that many of her students her students were asking her to provide further instructor after class, and that others were looking to continue workouts while away from Charlotte County.

“People were coming up to me: ‘What else can I do for my feet? What else can I do for my lower back? What else can I do for my frozen shoulder?’” she said before teaching an aerobics class at Bayfront Health Punta Gorda Wellness Center. “I saw a need.”

Brehse, who has been teaching fitness classes to seniors in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda and North Port for nine years, decided the best way to fill that need was to launch a website featuring her workouts. Fitness With Cindy ( has been up and running for more than two months now, and Brehse says the reception has been excellent.

“We’re getting a great response,” said the Port Charlotte resident, including her daughter, Tami, who has helped her with the project. “We’ve been happy. We’re posting a video a week, and we’re doing it for free right now. Right now, it’s the people in class who are going to my website and getting the help they’ve needed. My next goal is to reach out to my northern people.”

Brehse teaches 11 classes a week at the Wellness Center, the YMCA in Punta Gorda, the Franz Ross YMCA in Port Charlotte, and North Port’s Morgan Center. According to a press release, her classes — and weekly online videos — cover cardio, strength training, pain relief and more, all aimed at those 50 and over.

Brehse, 64, started as a dancer and had her own studio in New York state. She was in real estate for two decades after she moved here, but she “kept up my swimming and aerobics.” She naturally gravitated into fitness training, and she is fully certified.

“People say, ‘What’s the best thing to do?’ Find something you enjoy and do it,” she said. “It’s like it says on my website: ‘Live life feeling good.’”

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