OneBlood team member saves man having a heart attack at the gym

Sam Palacio, a donor services team leader and phlebotomist at OneBlood with Mike DuBois and Richard Hood.

A trip to the gym put a OneBlood team member in the right place at the right time.

Sam Palacio, a donor services team leader and phlebotomist at OneBlood, was finishing his workout at Planet Fitness in Palm Bay, Florida, when a man next to him suffered a massive heart attack. Palacio sprang into action and immediately began to administer CPR. He continued with chest compressions for upwards of 15 minutes and assisted paramedics when they arrived.

The man he saved, Mike DuBois, was rushed to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery where it was discovered he had 100 percent blockage of an artery to his heart. Doctors were able to insert a stent and clear the blockage.

Doctors told DuBois that if it was not for the quick thinking of the person who performed CPR, he would not have survived.

DuBois was on a mission to find the mystery person at the gym who was being credited with saving his life. He wasn’t having any luck in finding out who the person was, until one day, the mystery was solved onboard OneBlood’s Big Red Bus.

As luck would have it, DuBois’ best friend, a man named Richard Hood, knows Palacio. That’s because Hood is a long-time blood donor and donates regularly on the bloodmobile where Palacio works.

When Hood showed up to donate blood he began to tell Palacio the story of how someone saved his friend’s life at the gym. Needless to say, the story was all too familiar to Palacio. Palacio informed Hood that he was at the gym that day and that it was him (Palacio) who saved his friend’s life.

Stunned at the ironic turn of events, Hood called DuBois to tell him he solved the mystery and knew who the person was that saved him at the gym.

When OneBlood learned of the story, arrangements were made to bring Palacio and DuBois together. Cameras were rolling when DuBois was able to meet Palacio and thank him for saving his life.

As part of his training at OneBlood, Palacio was certified in CPR. The CPR training enabled Palacio to know exactly what to do and as a result, DuBois is alive today.


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