Serving Southwest Florida for more than 30 years, Quigley Eye Specialists, one of the nation’s leading multispecialty eye care groups, announced that West Coast Eye Care in Fort Myers has merged with the practice.

“This is great news for Floridians who want exceptional care but don’t want to wait weeks for it,” says Thomas A. Quigley, M.D., board certified ophthalmologist, world-renowned cataract surgeon and founder of Quigley Eye Specialists. “We must expand in order to meet the need in our area, and this merger gives patients convenient access to an experienced and caring medical team throughout Collier, Lee and Charlotte Counties.”

Quigley Eye Specialists is the region’s number one choice for cataract surgery specializing in cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye, retinal issues, corneal conditions, bladeless eyelid surgery and routine eye care.

World-renowned neuro-ophthalmologist and founder of West Coast Eye Care Dr. Rachid Aouchiche says, “Merging with Quigley Eye Specialists was the clear choice for us. They share our patient-centric approach to medicine and unwavering commitment to ensuring each and every patient has their best possible vision.”

Although Dr. Rachid Aouchiche has accepted a position to head the Neuro-Ophthalmology Department at the University of Maryland, he will continue to see patients in Fort Myers once a month with optic nerve diseases, optic neuritis, double vision and other disorders. Board-certified optometric physician Dr. Aaron Judd will continue to see patients every weekday from the office of West Coast Eye Care, which will assume the name Quigley Eye Specialists in the near future.

Dr. Thomas A. Quigley, world-renowned cataract surgeon and founder of Quigley Eye Specialists, will also see patients at 15640 New Hampshire Court office in addition to the other seven Quigley Eye Specialists’ offices throughout Southwest Florida.

Quigley Eye Specialists has experienced board-certified ophthalmic surgeons who perform cataract surgery and all other surgeries at St. John’s Surgery Center, which is Medicare certified and accredited by the American Association for Ambulatory Health Care. St. John’s is dedicated solely to eye care with a highly trained staff attuned to all things eyes. This is one reason the complication rates there are among the lowest in the country.

An AAAHC accredited facility, St. John’s facilitates more eye procedures than any other surgical center in Southwest Florida and it’s one among the top in the state.

St John’s Administrator Cheri Smith says, “We are very fortunate to be so well staffed which allows us to offer more personalized care to patients. We have several nurses in pre-op and one-on-one care in post-op which is rare.”

The center also has the latest technology including computer-assisted and laser-assisted cataract surgery. This is important if the patient chooses a premium implant, such as the Symfony lens or another SmartLens to replace their cloudy lens.

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