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Diocese of Venice Bishop Frank J. Dewane speaks in Arcadia in July 2019. He wrote that Catholic Mass and other gatherings will not take place until at least after Easter as a result of COVID-19.

VENICE — No more Catholic Mass until at least after Easter.

Bishop Frank J. Dewane, of the Catholic Diocese of Venice, made the announcement Wednesday.

“Regularly scheduled Masses and other Liturgical events in Parish Churches in the Diocese of Venice will be suspended from March 20, 2020 until after Easter, when the situation can be re-evaluated,” he wrote in a letter to the congregations.

It also includes any visitation to any churches to pray, he wrote.

“Therefore, the Faithful and visitors to the Diocese are dispensed from any obligation to attend Mass during this period.”

Dewane wrote about the sacrifice for the Catholic church members, “who have a great love for the Holy Eucharist and depend on the Most Blessed Sacrament for their spiritual lives. Do recall that Faithful Catholics, throughout the history of the Church, have kept the faith alive through trying times. By prayer and devotion, as well as spiritual solidarity with each other, the life of faith continued to be a source of strength and perseverance during persecutions and other times of public crisis.”

The letter notes priests “have been asked to draw upon the Church’s rich tradition of prayer and devotion to ensure that the spiritual life of parishioners is nourished and remains vibrant through means which are prudently adapted to the current circumstances. The Diocesan website ( has a list of opportunities to view the celebration of the Holy Mass.”

And it notes the diocese produces a televised Catholic Mass for the Homebound.

The weekly Sunday Mass airs on the CW at 9:30 a.m. The Mass is online at

Dewane wrote that he will “closely monitor developments regarding the threat posed by the coronavirus and will make further announcements regarding Mass as the situation warrants.”

Catholic Schools within the Diocese are closed until at least April 15.


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