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Here are the latest coronavirus (COVID-19) statistics, including the number of vaccines given, for Florida and our area counties, as of 4 p.m. May 8. (Sign up for our Coronavirus Newsletter, which arrives in your e-mail each morning and has the latest local, state and national/international news on COVID-19.)


Total Cases: 2,266,575

Positive Florida Residents: 2,224,148

Florida Deaths: 35,700

Vaccinations: 9,203,670 (Up by 54,118 in the past day)

Sarasota County

Total Cases: 32,862

Residents: 31,279

Non-Residents: 1,583

Vaccinations: 241,948 (Up by 375 in the past day)

Demographics of Cases

Age Range: 0 to 105

Men: 14,574

Women: 16,527

Conditions and Care

Deaths: 822

Hospitalizations: 1,354* 

Charlotte County

Total Cases: 12,934

Residents: 12,720

Non-Residents: 214

Vaccinations: 105,598 (Up by 273 since yesterday)

Demographics of Cases

Age Range: 0 to 106

Men: 5,856

Women: 6,808

Conditions and Care

Deaths: 420

Hospitalizations: 944*

DeSoto County

Total Cases: 4,341

Residents: 4,314

Non-Residents: 27

Vaccinations: 12,211 (Up by 74 in the past day)

Demographics of Cases

Age Range: 0 to 100

Men: 2,431

Women: 1,857

Conditions and Care

Deaths: 93

Hospitalizations: 298*

Lee County

Total Cases: 70,939

Residents: 68,629

Non-Residents: 2,309

Vaccinations: 334,833 (Up by 2,239 since yesterday)

Demographics of Cases

Age Range: 0 to 103

Male: 32,060

Female: 36,052

Conditions and Care

Deaths: 973

Hospitalizations: 2,241*

* This is the Florida Department of Health's definition of "hospitalizations": "Includes residents and non-residents. “Hospitalizations” is a count of all laboratory confirmed cases in which an inpatient hospitalization occurred at any time during the course of illness. These people may no longer be hospitalized. This number does not represent the number of COVID-19 positive persons currently hospitalized. We do not have a figure for that information at this time."


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