As the qualifying period came and went, all Charlotte County commissioners up for reelection gained another four years in office Friday simply because they had no challenger.

This included Republican candidates Ken Doherty of District 1, the board’s current chair Bill Truex of District 3 and Joe Tiseo of District 5.

Two Charlotte County School Board members, Robert W. Segur of District 3 and Wendy M. Atkinson of District 5, as well as Airport Authority member James Herston of District 5, Property Appraiser Paul Polk, Tax Collector Vickie Potts, Supervisor of Elections Paul Stamoulis, and Punta Gorda City Council members Jaha Cummings, Debby Carey and Lynne Matthews, were also reelected Friday due to a lack of opposition.

The qualifying deadline was noon Friday, finalizing a list of people to study for the upcoming election season. This election might be slightly different, though, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s difficult to predict the level of enthusiasm of the voters to vote in a Primary Election under the current conditions,” Stamoulis said. “But I will bet the ranch that there will be a good turnout for the General Election in November.”

Some races voters can find on their ballots this fall include the Charlotte County Sheriff, the Clerk of the Circuit Court, the School Board’s District 1 seat, and the Airport Authority’s District 1 and 5 seats, as well as the federal and state seats.

Voters have until July 20 to register to vote for the primary election, and until Oct. 30 to register for the general election.

A majority of the races will be settled at the general election Nov. 3. However, the School Board District 2 seat and the Airport Authority District 1 race will be decided at the primary election Aug. 18.

Below are candidates who qualified Friday:

U.S. House of Representatives

District 16 (Sarasota County and parts of Manatee County)

Vern Buchanan, Republican (Incumbent)

Margaret Good, Democrat

District 17 (Charlotte, DeSoto, Hardee, Glades, Highlands and Okeechobee counties)

Allen Ellison, Democrat

Theodore Murray, no party affiliation

Greg Steube, Republican (Incumbent)

State Senator

District 23 (Sarasota County and part of Charlotte County)

Joe Gruters, Republican (Incumbent)

Robert Kaplan, no party affiliation

Katherine Norman, Democrat

State Representative

District 74 (Part of Sarasota County)

James Buchanan, Republican (Incumbent)

Lisa Stortstrom, Democrat

District 75 (Charlotte County)

Michael Grant, Republican (Incumbent)

David G. Jones, Democrat

Charlotte County


Bill Prummell, Republican (Incumbent)

Clarence “Dale” Ritchhart Jr., no party affiliation

Andrew Bryant Sheets, write-in candidate

Clerk of the Circuit Court

Roger Eaton, Republican (Incumbent)

Jeffrey Alan Rapkin, no party affiliation

Property Appraiser

Paul L. Polk, Republican (Incumbent)

Tax Collector

Vickie L. Potts, Republican (Incumbent)

Supervisor of Elections

Paul A. Stamoulis, Republican (Incumbent)

County Commission, District 1

Ken Doherty, Republican (Incumbent)

District 3

Bill Truex, Republican (Incumbent)

District 5

Joseph Tiseo, Republican (Incumbent)

School Board

District 2

Kimberly S. Amontree, no party affiliation (Incumbent)

Joseph B. Williams, no party affiliation

District 3

Robert W. Segur, no party affiliation (Incumbent)

District 5

Wendy M. Atkinson, no party affiliation (Incumbent)

Airport Authority

District 1

Martin Robert Dorio, write-in candidate

Vanessa Oliver, Republican

Bob Starr, Republican

District 3

Paul R. Andrews, Republican (Incumbent)

Haven Ratcliff, no party affiliation

District 5

James Herston, Republican (Incumbent)

Punta Gorda City Council

District 1

Jaha Cummings (Incumbent)

District 2

Debby Carey (Incumbent)

District 4

Lynne Matthews (Incumbent)


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