NORTH PORT — North Port residents will see little change to the City Commission this year, with incumbent Jill Luke winning against newcomer Peter Bartolotta in the District 5 race.

Luke, who was elected in May 2017 during a special at-large election, will continue to represent District 5. District 5 covers The Jockey Club through the West Villages.

The race between Luke and Bartolotta was close with Luke winning by 1,964 votes; she had 13,742 votes compared with Bartolotta’s 11,778.

Luke said she plans to keep the momentum going in the commission and is very grateful for the support. Luke added City Hall has come 180 degrees since she was elected in 2017 with all the changes to departments and leadership.

“There is so much going on,” Luke said.

She said she plans to continue working with the commission on the Warm Mineral Springs master plan, the opening of the city’s new pool, policies, procedures and the continued expansion in the West Villages — she also added that these are exciting times in the city of North Port with all the changes going on.

“Our residents took a stand for their city,” Luke said.

She added the race was very politically run and the residents made their voices heard during the election.

Bartolotta, who ran his first City Commission race, was also thankful following his loss.

While Bartolotta has no plans to run again, he said that running the campaign has been humbling.

He added that hearing from voters, listening to conversations and having meaningful conversations had been the best part.

Bartolotta was thankful to everyone who supported him through his run and his own team. He added that he was willing to help the city however they may need it, but he plans to stay retired.

“I look forward to a bright future,” Bartolotta said.

Bartolotta previously served on the North Port Economic Development Advisory Board and founded Vision North Port in 2006.

Bartolotta said residents should remain involved and stay engaged.


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