There is a little store in Englewood that is the “place to go” for your window treatment upholstery or decorating needs.

Kimberly Weaver, a seventh-generation Floridian, brought her years of home design training here about five years ago and gave her business the perfect name — Beautiful Blinds and Designs.

I called it a little store, but that does not imply that the store is small. Don’t let the square footage fool you. The old adage “big things come in small packages,” really fits here. If you’re looking for the best shutters, blinds, shades, custom draperies, top treatments, bed spreads or pillows you don’t need to go any further. In fact, they may just have all you might need and want to select the “just-right” look to make your place perfect.

When I went in, I had no idea what to expect. It took me about five seconds to know I was in a place where the people would know what I was looking for to make my home — or any home — beautiful.

There are sample books, and sample blinds and swatches, everywhere you look. These include top lines like Hunter Douglas and Kirsch Essentials, plus many other brands to capture the essence of how you view your home.

Backing Kimberly up is office manager Amber Barnthouse, who has been with Kimberly since day one here in town. Amber is much more than an office manager. She’s had an interest in home design and décor ever since she graduated from high school. Amber is one of those ladies that you instantly like and trust. She is the person who you’ll probably meet first. She places the orders makes sure the merchandise comes in on a timely basis. Most of all, she works with the customer to ensure happy results.

I have witnesses this type of professionalism in many small offices, but Amber takes the sense of pride and professional conduct to another level. I was able to sit and see how she handled a group of customers who came in unannounced. They were able get their questions answered in a few minutes. A few minutes later she fielded a phone call from Kimberly about expediting a customer’s order. Their new home, it seems, was being finished sooner than expected. Kimberly and Amber worked out a plan that had the customer pleased and appreciative of the net result.

I couldn’t help but notice they have won the “Best of Englewood” award and had their plaque displayed proudly. I happen to know a little bit about that award, and I can tell you the competition is pretty stiff. You really have to go above and beyond to garner first place.

Amber told me was they serve customers from Longboat Key near Bradenton all the way down to Punta Gorda. With their trucks constantly on the road, it’s easy to see why.

Beautiful Blinds and Designs is at 960 S. McCall Road, right near the Charlotte-Sarasota County line. You can call 941-208-5931 or visit www.BeautifulBlindsAnd


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