The Homegrown Market is at Englewood Homegrown on the grounds of The Open Studio, 380 Old Englewood Road, Englewood. Sam and Kelly Baker, owners of Englewood Homegrown, have partnered with Eva and Gary Oglander to open up the HomeGrown Market earlier this year.

Q: When did you open your business?

A: “We opened in January of this year.”

Q: How many employees do you have?

A: “We currently have four.”

Q: What is your most popular item?

A: “Our arugula, Everglades tomatoes, and our bananas.”

Q: What’s the hardest part about your business?

A: “The seasonal aspect of it can be challenging.”

Q: What sets you apart from other businesses?

A: “The fact that what we sell is grown on site.”

Q: What advice do you have for someone just starting a business?

A: “Well at this point we need that advice. We are very new and receptive to any advice.”

Q: What’s the future hold for your business?

A: “We would like to expand and add more produce. We are thinking of adding sugar cane ginger juice. We are going to start making popsicles made from various things that we grow here.”

For more information, visit, like Englewood Homegrown on Facebook and on Instagram, or call 941-840-2022.


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