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Karen Wells, operations manager of Origin U.S.A. Inc., stands alongside the company’s newly acquired delivery box truck.

Success leads to growth, a problem which has led to Origin USA to expand its door and window manufacturing division to Englewood.

Originally opening the Venice office in 2014 at 771 Commerce Drive, owner Neil Ginger and president Ben Halvorsen came to this area intent upon expanding their company.

Within three years, they needed more office space and a larger showroom. They expanded to 700 Commerce Drive in the Sarasota Business Park at the Jacaranda Interchange of Interstate 75. They converted the original space to manufacturing and importing some product from the United Kingdom.

Now they are moving equipment into the 25,000-square-foot building in the Paul Morris Industrial Park off River Road in Englewood. Planning to be operational in mid-October, they will be assembling, manufacturing and shipping.

The showroom and sales office will remain in Venice at 700 Commerce Drive.

Expansion has led to setting up a sales office in California serving the west coast and an office in Lancaster, Pennsylvania covering the northern territory. The retail sales manager in Venice services Florida and the northeast manufacturing representatives and dealerships.

“The reason we are moving manufacturing elsewhere is because we could not find the space needed in Venice,” said Karen Wells, operations manager.

“Currently orders for sliding doors go to the U.K. operations, and we experience longer lead times and it gets expensive, but the changes will reduce both.”

Expanding their production side, they manufacture bi-fold doors.

Now they are readying to bring window manufacturing into the U.S. making fixed, casement and sliding windows instead of importing them from their U.K. plant.

Having sourced the window and door profiles in the U.S., it allows them to produce the extrusions, and the painting will be done in the new plant. The intentions are to significantly reduce the lead times and hit two to four weeks delivery.

Plans include expanding the workforce where they currently employ 11 in the manufacturing division and have grown the customer service team from two to six.

They have added a box truck to their vehicle fleet for local deliveries. Wells said they expect to grow the fleet as they deliver across the U.S.

Already they are serving clients with high-end homes in the Caribbean islands, Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.

Origin was established in the U.K. in 2002 and in 2011 they opened a showroom and sales office in Dubai, UAE, followed in 2014 by the North American office in Venice. They operate internationally in France, Germany, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

Initially considering expansion, Wells said they considered going into two separate buildings for storage and production to stay somewhat close, but it did not work out.

“The ultimate goal is to get the corporate office and manufacturing facility in one location,” she said. “We have looked at some open land in Venice and are hoping we can reconsider this area in the future.”


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