Marty Fabiszak prepares a batch of CBD pain cream to ship out of state. Fabiszak owns Smoky Mountain Handmade Candles, 457 West Dearborn St., in Englewood.

ENGLEWOOD — Marty Fabiszak scoops a blend of CBD oil infused with shea butter, aloe vera oil and other essential oils into dozens of plastic containers to ship off to a doctor’s office in Michigan.

As the owner of Smoky Mountain Handmade Candles, 457 W. Dearborn St., Englewood, Fabiszak is on his feet all day making soaps, shampoos, body scrubs, moisturizers, shower gels, bubble baths, fizzing bath bombs and hand sanitizer in all kinds of scents. He also sells a huge variety of candles.

Lately, Smoky Mountain has been offering a line of products made with CBD oils.

Fabiszak started using CBD pain cream to help his back and other aches and pains. He decided to make his own and sell it at his stores in Englewood, and other locations at 305-A W. Venice Ave. in Venice, and at the Port Charlotte Charlotte Town Center mall.

Sales blossomed since he started making CBD cream.

“Had I realized how well the CBD pain cream worked, I would have used it years ago,” he said. “I started making creams using high-quality CBD and hemp oils and selling it at our three stores. Now, I have customers, including doctors, who buy batches of CBD pain cream in bulk. The doctor is incorporating the CBD pain into his practice for his patients.”

Fabiszak sells CBD pain cream from $29.95 to $79.95. Mixed with the CBD pain cream with hemp and emu, shea butter and aloe vera oils, is a blend of 11 therapeutic essential oils, menthol, stearic acid and pure water.

“This makes for a strong, long-lasting cream for many kinds of pain,” he said. “It also helps with inflammation and arthritis. I have a lot of older customers who have discovered relief and now use the product. Some also enjoy our sleep balm. It’s made with eight blended essential oils and made into a paste. It can be applied two hours before bedtime and it helps you sleep.”

Fabiszak is one of a handful of locally owned businesses selling CBD products.

At nearby Sweet Leaf Relief & Wellness, owner Marion Lutz says there’s huge benefits of cannabidiol oils she sells. She sees customers who have had relief for symptoms including migraines, fibromyalgia, post traumatic stress disorder, Parkinson’s, rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, some types of cancer, depression, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy and other aliments.

Like Fabiszak, Lutz began using CBD products for pain management after being in extreme pain. She suffered serious spinal injuries.

“We carry a variety of CBD and CBD-infused products, they have a potency from 75 to 1,500 milligrams,” she said. “They come in edible forms, syrups, coffee, tea, DAP wax, sublingual and vapeable oils, capsules and creams.”

Lutz said what works for her may not for another. Therefore, each customer is questioned about their pain issues to help with the specific dosage and potency. Also like Fabiszak, the CDB products Lutz sells don’t include THC, which is the chemical in the marijuana plant that produces a high sensation. There are no pesticides or metals in the CBD pain cream, he said.

Lutz was recognized this year by the Englewood Florida Chamber of Commerce as the best new business of the year.

Lutz is always interested in new customers. She offers them a free sample to test CBD products. Sweet Leaf Relief works with a company called Green Roads. They produce pharmaceutical grade products. She also sells products to help with pets suffering from anxiety, inflammation, seizures, depression and nausea.

“Green Roads has labs with controlled environments and the best team of scientists to produce continual research and product for people who really want to improve their quality of life naturally,” according to the Sweet Leaf Relief & Wellness website.

CBD creams aren’t familiar to most people shopping at a soap store, but hundreds of Lemon Bay Soap Co. customers discovered the homemade CBD blends are made at their store, 2411 S. McCall Road.

CBD is said to stimulate receptors in the brain and throughout the nervous system. Like sweet smelling soaps, the CBD oils are said to help create a heightened sense of relaxation.

“We sell out of new batches quickly,” said owner David Karaffa. “Not all CBD is the same … Our products are made right here at the Lemon Bay Soap Co.”

“Customers like the CBD soaps because they are made in-house without industrial chemicals that tend to damage the skin,” he said. “CBD products come in creams, moisturizers, lip balm, and body soap. Some people are cutting corners and adding other things to their batches and are taking away the medicinal benefits and still selling them for more than we do. We can guarantee what’s in our products because we make them and don’t rely on a third party.”


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