Whenever you hear the word “nutmeg” you may think of the popular spice.

At Suncoast Humane Society, we think of one of our very own critters. Nutmeg is a 3-year-old male guinea pig that is currently searching for his new forever home!

He was originally adopted Suncoast Humane in 2018, and returned to us in September of this year due to no fault of his own. When Nutmeg was being looked over by our medical team, they noticed that his teeth were extremely overgrown.

Some may not know this, but small animals’ teeth never stop growing. There are also specific food pellets made for them, along with different chews they can have. These items are an absolute necessity for animals like Nutmeg, because they help to file down their teeth.

Unfortunately, Nutmeg’s teeth were so neglected that he could no longer eat. He wasn’t able to chew any food causing him lose a substantial amount of weight and putting his life at risk.

SHS’s team contacted Englewood Animal Health Center and scheduled an appointment to get Nutmeg’s teeth trimmed. EAHC’s medical team was only able to trim his front teeth. Nutmeg’s back teeth were so overgrown that he would need to be put under anesthesia to correct the issue, and with Nutmeg being so underweight, he wouldn’t survive this procedure.

Nutmeg is on a special diet right now, and needs to be bottle fed every 2-4 hours, along with having chews and toys to keep his teeth filed down. He gets pain medication every morning to ensure he is comfortable throughout the day.

I was fortunate to foster Nutmeg to make sure he was getting around-the-clock care, and within the first couple of days there was already a huge turn around in his behavior. He came out of his shell, began to show more energy and more of his personality. Every time Nutmeg sees his feeding bottle, he starts to whistle. He loves his feeding times and goes to the bottle on his own now, making the process easy.

Nutmeg’s ideal environment to recover in is a foster or a forever home, where he can continue to get his scheduled feedings and care.

At Suncoast Humane Society, we are always in need of fosters, whether it is someone who can work on behavior plans, assist with medical care or give the animals quality life outside of the shelter as they await for their forever homes.

Fostering an animal is a heartwarming experience, a selfless act, and can make all the difference for the many animals who need our help.To learn more about Suncoast Humane Society, our foster program or to apply to be a foster, please visit www.humane.org or give us a call at 941-474-7884 and we will be more than happy to help you get started.

Fatime Duka is Foster Coordinator for the Suncoast Humane Society.


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