Sarasota County Schools released its revised plans for re-opening in August on the district website Monday afternoon.

The district initially released two tentative plans, one with the possibility of re-opening and maintaining 6 feet social distance, and another plan re-opening with normal class sizes and enhanced safety measures. The plans are a work in progress.

Last week, Gov. DeSantis and Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran announced plans to have Florida schools operate at full capacity in the fall.

The district’s revised opening plan is available on the district’s website and will change as new recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention — and the state of Florida — come in.

Some of the safety measures listed include:


• Set up classrooms to allow for maximum distance possible between student seating.

• Keep the same group of students with same teachers as often as possible.

• Use outdoor classroom opportunities whenever possible.

• Space students as much as possible in cafeteria, or deliver food to classrooms if necessary as a last resort; consider allowing high school students to leave before lunch by scheduling lunch later in the day

• Hold school-wide or grade-level assemblies via the Zoom or TEAMS online platforms.


• Provide hand sanitizers on buses, and require students and staff to wear masks.


• Consider developing a plan for students to bring their own devices (laptops, tablets) to school, or provide a device for each student.

• Disinfect all items after shared use.

• Use digital textbooks if available, or assign each student their own textbook.

• No-touch trash cans and hand sanitizers in classrooms and common areas (as many as possible).


• Allow students and staff to continue wearing masks if desired, consider making this mandatory.

• Allow students and staff to bring hand sanitizer.

• Request headphones, water bottles, masks, hand sanitizers on supply list at the beginning of the year.

• Provide face shields to science lab students working closely, and to choral and band students as requested.

• Make COVID-19 testing accessible to students and staff.

The tentative re-opening plan for Sarasota County Schools can be read in full at The site is updated as the district receives new recommendations from the state and the CDC.


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