EWD-Wellen Park Map

Some of the upcoming developments in the Wellen Park community are outside the city of North Port and closer to South River Road, to the right of his map, and State Road 776 on the left, near Englewood.

ENGLEWOOD — The Englewood Water District and Wellen Park-Winchester Florida Ranch developers are mapping out water, sewer and other services for more than 10,000 future residences.

While many of the communities comprise the Wellen Park development plan — rebranded from West Villages in 2020 — lay within the city of North Port, a few are outside the city limits and within unincorporated Sarasota County. Some are near South River Road and Manasota Beach Road, and within the jurisdiction of the Englewood Water District’s service area.

As part of their first meeting of the year Thursday, the Water District’s elected supervisors will be asked to approve a developer’s agreement that addresses easements, a reclaimed water line, water and sewer service to 10,610 planned residential units and future commercial development.

“This is just a legal agreement to extend service to the Manasota Beach subdivision,” the Water District’s administrator Ray Burroughs told The Daily Sun. “We’ll have to study additional wastewater facilities at a later date.”

The proposed agreement suggests the Englewood Water District will have to grow to serve the Winchester portion of Wellen Park.

“While the EWD doesn’t have the capacity on hand today to provide these services to 10,610 residential units and 360,000 square feet of commercial use, (the district) is prepared to work closely with the owner/developer to ensure treatment capacity will be available to this development,” the proposed agreement states.

The water district approved a capital improvement study in the current year’s fiscal budget, according to the agreement. If the study recommends building a new North Wastewater Treatment Plant, the district and the Wellen Park developers could negotiate its development, the agreement states.

The developers are willing to sell the property to the Water District for a new wastewater treatment plant. In return, they’d want Water District officials to grant them an equal amount of credits for equivalent residential connections.

The developers hope to work with the the Water District on a wastewater treatment master plan for future homes.

Similarly, the agreement calls for the Water District and the developers to work together to identify additional wells if needed to supply water to the new Wellen Park customers.

For the construction of a “gray water” main for partially treated wastewater for irrigation, the developers are asking the Water District to reimburse them $170,387.

The city of North Port is in the process of building a $45 million wastewater plant in the Wellen Park area. It will have the capacity to treat 2 million cubic gallons of sewage a day and will also discharge reclaimed wastewater for irrigation.

Of course, the proposed agreement will first need the support of the supervisors Thursday to become a reality. For more information, call the EWD at 941-474-3217.


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