Angela Delucca, 18, is excited about graduating from Lemon Bay High School but says she will miss everyone in her support system.

ENGLEWOOD — When Angela Delucca graduates, there’s a few things the Lemon Bay High senior won’t have, like her father at the ceremony, money for Ringling School of Art and her lost seasonal job at Publix.

At 18, despite all of the obstacles, Delucca will go to college — just not the one that was her first choice. Her grandparents John and Carol, whom she lives with, will be there to watch her walk across the stage at graduation, and she will get another job.

“I really wanted to go to Ringling College. I was accepted to it, and that’s something, but I just can’t afford it,” said Delucca, who received about $8,000 in scholarships recently during a virtual ceremony at LBHS. “I’ve also been accepted to the University of West Florida and the University of North Florida.”

Delucca said she will miss all of her Lemon Bay teachers when she goes off to college.

“They were all very supportive of me when my father died,” she said. “He had a heart attack in front of me, just after Hurricane Irma hit in 2017. When I was at school and we were learning about Hospice care, my teacher noticed I didn’t look too good. She asked if I was all right. I said I was okay, that one just hit too close to home.”

At LBHS, Delucca was in charge of the Manta Log. She collected every member of a club’s writing and prompts, and made them into a book.

“Last year, my best friend Julia Sebor helped me because there was a lot of work to do,” Delucca said. “I couldn’t do it all by myself. Julia is a good artist. I want to be a graphic artist.”

Delucca said she will also miss her teachers at Charlotte Technical College where she was dual enrolled.

“I am thankful for that program because that’s where I met my boyfriend, Seth Fields,” she said. “We shared a seat on the bus ride to the technical college. I will really miss Mr. Green. Even though he has four kids, he’s helped me organize everything leading up to graduation.”

Delucca said she’s sad the LBHS class of 2020 didn’t have prom, a grad bash an Orlando theme park, baccalaureate and the senior breakfast.

“I was saving up money from working my seasonal job at Publix to go to Grad Bash,” she said. “Then I was laid off, but am hoping they will call me back. I’m so sad it’s not going to happen. I was going to share the hotel room with Julia and buy Seth a souvenir. I had it all planned out.”

Delucca said she looks forward to the next chapter of her life.

“When I was in middle school, I was a bit of a brat,” she said. “In high school, I worked on my personality. I’m not going to say I wasn’t awkward and still am at times. I made friends. I don’t think people see me anymore as that weird kid. I will miss everyone, but I’m college bound now.”


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