With Hurricane Dorian threatening Florida, residents can receive CodeRED notifications by landline or cellphone, email, text and social media to stay informed of emergencies. These include evacuation notices, utility outages, water main breaks, fire or floods, chemical spills, or other emergency situations.

Multiple CodeREDs were sent to registered residents in 2017 before, during, and after Hurricane Irma. The North Atlantic hurricane season runs through Nov. 30.

Sarasota County also uses the CodeRED Weather Warning, which is an opt-in only service, that automatically notifies those residents who register of emergencies like tornadoes, flash floods, missing person alerts, major traffic detours and severe thunderstorms, just minutes after an alert is issued by the National Weather Service.

The CodeRED Weather Warning is also available to city residents at no cost.

The county may also activate CodeRED to registered subscribers for general notifications for life safety matters, such as planned road closures, water main repairs, and water and power service interruptions.


People and businesses may add as many phone numbers, emails and text numbers as desired. Anyone can receive enhanced public safety alerts via the CodeRED Mobile Alert app, a free public safety app for both Android and iPhone users. To download the free CodeRED Mobile Alert app, visit GooglePlay or iTunesstore.

For assistance with registration of the CodeRED system, call the Contact Center at 941-861-5000 or send your information by email to

Medical-needs residents

Residents with qualifying medical needs are encouraged to apply for registration as a medically-dependent person before any severe storm. Qualified registrants are added to the county’s registry for transportation and sheltering at a medically-dependent Evacuation Center during a disaster. Registration assists residents when time is limited.

Sarasota County Emergency Management will stop taking online applications 60 hours prior to expected impact of storm and will stop with paper applications 120 hours before the expected impact of a storm.

For more information, call 941-861-5000 and ask for Public Safety Communications.

In Charlotte County

Special-needs shelters are available for those who require medical assistance that isn’t available at a public shelter. Only basic medical assistance and monitoring will be available. Oxygen will be provided to those who require it. All persons must be accompanied by a caregiver and provide their own bedding, food, water, medications, and transfer oxygen devices. No pets are allowed except service animals, which must have vaccination records and be caged. You must also provide their food, water, leash and litter box.

Completion of an application doesn’t guarantee the availability of a shelter or medical treatment during an event. Whenever possible, alternate plans for evacuation that do not include public shelters should be made, according to Charlotte County Emergency management.

Charlotte County stops processing special needs applications when the county enters the five-day forecast cone of a threatening hurricane. Early registration is encouraged.

For more information, call 941-833-4000.



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